OSIPI Task Force 6.2: DCE/DSC Challenges

Task force aims

Develop and implement challenges involving DCE/DSC perfusion imaging analysis

Task force description

To compare quantification pipelines for DSC/DCE-MRI in clinical cancer imaging applications. Through these challenges, the performance of DSC-/DCE-MRI perfusion analysis tools developed in-house by the participating groups or the available software packages will be tested and evaluated according to some metrics (eg. bias and precision on DROs, agreement with reference methods in-vivo, reproducibility on in-vivo data, processing time, etc). The contestants are encouraged to use the software tools listed in OSIPI in creating their pipelines. The aim of this task force is to establish a set of benchmarks for perfusion imaging in different applications.

Task force leads


Anahita Fathi Kazerooni
University of Pennsylvania


Harrison Kim
The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Task force members

Task force status

  • 2020.03.29 Drafted the challenge outline

  • Task force folder on drive - storage space for public or private documents developed by the task force.
  • Task force slack channel - for discussions between task force members.
  • Task force webpage backend - for information on task force progress, links to public resources, aims, membership, status, etc.

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