OSIPI Task Force 5.1: Teaching and Education

Task force aims

Develop, distribute and deliver educational content on open-source perfusion software.

Task force description

Open-source software development can only be sustainable in the long run when paired with educational initiatives to ensure that the target audience is aware that it exists, what it can do, and how it should be used. Task force 5.1 will complement the software development with initiatives on teaching and education including online tutorials, powerpoint presentation and training courses.

Task force members

  • Rik Achten
  • Zaki Ahmed
  • Divya Bolar
  • Patricia Clement
  • Paula Croal

Task force status

  • Task force not yet active..

  • Task force folder on drive - storage space for public or private documents developed by the task force.
  • Task force slack channel - for discussions between task force members.
  • Task force webpage backend - for information on task force progress, links to public resources, aims, membership, status, etc.