OSIPI Strategy Board

The Strategy Board (SB) represents the stakeholders within OSIPI and maintains the Strategic Plan outlining the mission, aims and general approach of OSIPI. If needed the SB will also propose changes to the OSIPI governance for approval by the ISMRM perfusion study group.


The SB consists of the OSIPI leadership team, the perfusion study group governing committee, and any number of advisory members representing other bodies/societies with an interest in open science and reproducibility. This could include other ISMRM study groups, other societies or more informal networks.

If you are interested in joining the SB, please contact the OSIPI chair.

OSIPI Strategic Plan

OSIPI Governance

Current SB members

SB meetings

  • The first SB meeting will take place in may 2021 around the time of the ISMRM meeting in Vancouver.

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