11 May 2021: Half way there!

OSIPI is half way and resources are rolling in!

Update on OSIPI Milestones and Deliverables in May 2021. Also check out the OSIPI resources page where all key results are summarized and maintained.

Task force 1.1 (ASL software inventory) prepared a draft of a comprehensive grading system that will allow the pipeline users to grade pipelines based on their features, performance, but also ease of use and availability of support. The next step is to define the testing datasets and find volunteers to perform the testing.

Task force 1.2 (DCE/DSC software inventory). A formal software inventory has been published within the OSIPI website, where we anticipate incorporating google scholar links to access software-related publications. We plan to distribute a survey to invite volunteers to review the software contained within the inventory. Our task force has also generated a draft evaluation survey in the form of a scorecard, with plans to finalize the review process on August 1, 2021. The final evaluation survey will contain both qualitative and quantitative aspects.

Task force 2.2 (ASL code repository) performed a verification on the code snippets in the toolbox to test that the code runs and produces expected output. Results are reported here.

Task force 2.3 (DCE/DSC code repository) The code collection has increased significantly in 2021. We have established and documented a process for automated unit testing of code contributions. This is now being implemented across multiple areas of functionality by members of the taskforce. Please check out the contributions page if you have any DSC or DCE python code that you want to share with OSIPI.

Task force 3.1 (DROs and phantoms) started communication with the ISMRM Reproducibility in Research study group for guidance on how DRO data should be made available after coordinating with TF6.1 to share a ASL based DRO for their challenge. Through these communications, the current repository format will be migrating to use the same JSON format housed through a GitHub repository – similar to what ISMRM MR Hub does. A benefit of this will the utlizing Cloud storage to make sharing of data easier.

Task force 3.2 (Data sharing) has prepared a draft of “recommendations of best practices for sharing perfusion data” in which the best practices and actionable guidelines for researchers, who plan to share perfusion data publicly, are provided. Feedback from the community is encouraged and appreciated! The link to the document is here

Task force 4.1 (ASL lexicon) has compiled the first draft of “Arterial Spin Labeling perfusion imaging and analysis lexicon and reporting recommendations (v0.1)” for public consultation. Find them here. A feedback request will be sent to the OSIPI & perfusion study group mailing list, including instructions for feedback submission.

Task force 4.2 (DCE/DSC lexicon) has submitted an ISMRM abstract about the DCE/DSC perfusion lexicon, which was accepted and will be presented as digital poster at the ISMRM conference. The lexicon cover page has been revised and a clean version can be found here.

Task force 6.1 (ASL challenges). The OSIPI ASL Challenge will be launching on 15th May as part of the ISMRM annual meeting. Challenge overview and full guidelines will be available via the ISMRM challenge website with news and updates via twitter @AslOsipi. An early look at the challenge manual is available here.

Task force 6.2 (DCE/DSC challenges). The OSIPI-DCE challenge guideline is now publicly available here. OSIPI-DCE, as an official ISMRM challenge, will be officially open to receive submissions on May 15. The updates and news will be posted on the task force Twitter account (@OsipiDc) and LinkedIn webpage (OSIPI DC Challenges).

Best wishes,

The OSIPI Executive & Management Board