15 July 2022: Let's wrap up the first roadmap

Challenge results and preparations for next roadmap

Wrap up of 1st two-year roadmap

The first two-year roadmap has officially come to an end! The taskforces are currently finalizing the manuscripts for MRM submission.

Recap of ISMRM

The ISMRM provided a good opportunity to show all the work that has been done in the past two years. Five abstracts were presented at ISMRM! If you’ve missed out the talks or poster discussions, ISMRM2022 participants can still chek the presentations on the online platform (search term OSIPI).

Here is some great feedback we received:

  • “The more I learn about OSIPI, the more impressed I am”
  • “OSIPI should be more involved with the Reproducibility Research Study Group”
  • “the Reproducibility research study group typically hosts challenges as well, can future OSIPI challenges be broadcasted earlier through the RRSG?”
  • “OSIPI needed more time during the study group for both updates and potential discussion”
  • “When we submit consensus profiles (e.g. lexicons) we should ask MRM to require/”heavily encourage” future perfusion publications to use this lexicon. Maybe start off submitting as supplemental material?”
  • “The structure of OSIPI is general to implement other initiatives. Would OSIPI consider branching out of perfusion?”
  • “Maybe next year a MIS on open science initiatives?”

OSIPI challenge winners

A huge thank you to everyone who submitted to and helped run the OSIPI challenges, it would not have been possible without you all.

ASL challenge (TF6.1)

Winning submission details:

  • Alexander Harms & Esther Bron - Erasmus MC. dept of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
  • Jack Toner & Jian Hu - Mental Health & Clinical Neurosciences, School of Medicine, University of Nottingham; Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre, School of Medicine, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom
  • Xin Zhang, Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Universtiy of Oxford

DCE challenge (TF6.2)

We can now congratulate the top submissions DCE-NET, Madym, and PerfLab, which achieved the highest OSIPI gold scores of 78%, 73%, and 61%, respectively.

Winning submission details:

  • DCE-NET: Pepijn Schouten & Oliver J. Gurney-Champion (Amsterdam UMC)
  • Madym: Michael Berks, Penny Cristinacce, Ross A. Little, Susan Cheung, James P.B. O’Connor & Geoff J.M. Parker (QBI Manchester)
  • PerfLab: Radovan Jiřík, Ondřej Macíček, Michal Bartoš & Jiří Vitouš (Czech Academy of Sciences, ISI)

Next roadmap, get involved!

In the coming months we are going to prepare for the 2nd two-year roadmap. We are planning to start with this roadmap in November 2022. Also excited about this initiative? This is a great moment to get involved! Please get in contact.

Thanks Laura!

We want to thank Laura for her great leadership of last year!

OSIPI is now on twitter!

Best wishes,

The OSIPI Executive & Management Board