13 September 2021: Another set of milestones achieved!

OSIPI task forces have completed a series of new milestones.

Update on OSIPI Milestones and Deliverables in August 2021. Also check out the OSIPI resources page where all key results are summarized and maintained.

Task force 1.1 (ASL software inventory) has finalized the grading system to test the features of the pipelines and also identified the types of data that will be specifically used for the testing. The grading system has been tested internally and the team aims to launch the actual testing in October.

Task force 1.2 (DCE/DSC software inventory) has created a short survey. The purpose of the survey is to engage with potential software reviewers.

Task force 2.2 (ASL code repository) is collecting code snippets of individual functions to develop an open-source library for ASL perfusion image analysis. Your open-source code snippets are highly needed. Please visit our TF2.2 website for more information and/or contact the TF lead Ananth Madhuranthakam.

Task force 2.3 (DCE/DSC code repository) During the past three months, Taskforce 2.3 has been working on two interim objectives. For Deliverable #1 (November 2021), we are extending testing of contributed code to cover multiple areas of functionality, including concentration measurement and pharmacokinetic modelling. For Milestone #5 (August 2021), led by Michael Berks, the taskforce has agreed to develop its growing code collection into an integrated, extensible Python library, the design of which will be based on the perfusion lexicon developed by Taskforce 4.2. We are actively pursuing funding opportunities to support this objective.

Task force 3.1 (DROs and phantoms) The big highlight for this Milestone is the creation of the new and much improved inventories, version 2.0: Digital & physical phantom inventory and Collaboration Inventory, that are now consistent with the ISMRM’s MR-hub.

Task force 3.2 (Data sharing) is preparing for sharing 2 datasets by November: one original dataset of mice data, and one dataset of parametric maps for an existing ProstateX imaging collection.

Task force 4.1 (ASL lexicon) has received feedback from experts in the field, as well as the MRI vendors, on the draft of “Arterial Spin Labeling perfusion imaging and analysis lexicon and reporting recommendations (v0.1)”. TF members are currently working to integrate those feedback into the draft document, aiming the publication of v0.2 for wider public feedback. Please find the draft document here. A feedback request will be sent to the OSIPI & perfusion study group mailing list, including instructions for feedback submission.

Task force 4.2 (DCE/DSC lexicon) has written in the last three month a clean version of the cover document and the perfusion quantities section. Currently we are creating a clean version of the remaining sections to send them out for feedback. We were also meeting up with TF 2.3 to harmonize the DCE/DSC lexicon and code repository.

Task force 6.1 (ASL challenges) The OSIPI ASL Challenge is still open for registration! We are interested in optimal ASL analysis workflows and want to track the ASL research activity all over the world, and of course, to motivate more and more people to dive into the ASL world. If you work with ASL MRI, or you know anybody else who works, come join us and have fun analyzing ASL MRI. Keep in mind that we are seeking for robust and reproducible pipelines, while open science is highly encouraged. Pleases register from here.

Task force 6.2 (DCE/DSC challenges) Task Force 6.2 (OSIPI-DCE challenge) is accepting submissions from here. The interested teams are encouraged to submit their results before October 2021, to be included as co-authors on our abstract on the preliminary results of the challenge to be submitted in November to the ISMRM 2022 conference.

Best wishes,

The OSIPI Executive & Management Board