28 Aug 2020: OSIPI Report to ISMRM perfusion study group

First annual OSIPI report

OSIPI will report its progress to date and future plans for the first time on the annual business meeting of the ISMRM perfusion study group. The meeting will be virtual and is only open to study group members. OSIPI slides are linked from the agenda below.

When: Friday, Aug 28th 2020 from 3:00 pm UTC to 4:30 pm UTC
Where: online (ISMRM Perfusion Study Group Members only)


  • Official business meeting items (Xavier Golay, current chair)
  • Presentations from shortlisted trainees
  • OSIPI update (Steven Sourbron) - click here for slides
  • Upcoming ISMRM Perfusion workshop (Hanzhang Lu)
  • ASL White Paper updates (David Alsop)
  • Any Other Business