OSIPI Member-initiated Symposium at ISMRM 2019

First introduction to the community

When: Monday, May 13th 2019 from 1:45-3:45 pm.
Where: ISMRM 27th Annual meeting and exhibition


Note: if you registered for ISMRM 2019, you can view video recordings of the presentations at the ISMRM page of the event.

  • 13:45 Introduction to the Perfusion Open-Source Initiative - Andrey Fedorov [slides]
  • 14:00 Building Software for Reproducible Research: Lessons from the BART Project - Martin Uecker
  • 14:20 Welcome to the Jungle: Open-Source Software for DCE & DSC - Charlotte Debus [slides]
  • 14:30 Standardized Open-Source Image Analysis: Can We Avoid Confusion but Focus on Perfusion? - Henk-Jan Mutsaerts
  • 14:45 Best Practices in DRO Development - Daniel Barboriak
  • 14:50 Digital Reference Objects for DCE-MRI: Sources & Directions - Daniel Barboriak
  • 14:55 An Anthropomorphic Digital Breast Phantom for Simulation & Analysis of MRI Techniques: Implementation for dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI - Leah Henze Bancroft
  • 15:00 A Population-Based Digital Reference Object (DRO) for Optimizing Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast (DSC) MRI Methods for clinical trials - Natenael Semmineh
  • 15:10 DICOM Parametric Maps: A Common Language for Perfusion Software - Ina Kompan
  • Steven and Laura moderating the session, while Henk Jan Mutsaerts presenting
  • Close to full house at the session presenting OSIPI!
  • OSIPI EMB first face to face meeting (sans Patricia and Amedeo!)