When was OSIPI founded?

OSIPI is an initiative of the ISMRM Perfusion Study Group and sponsored by the parent society ISMRM. The project was founded in the fall of 2018 by trainee representative Laura Bell and secretary Steven Sourbron.

An initial call-to-action survey of the study group membership revealed a strong demand for an initiative around perfusion software. Over 100 members returned a questionnaire with detailed information on data, software and other possible contributions.

A founding board organised launch events during and after the ISMRM 2019 and drafted more detailed plans including this project website and logo, communication channels, governance structure and mission statement.

The plans were accepted by the ISMRM study group and the ISMRM president and president-elect in november 2019 and the operational phase of OSIPI was launched on 1 december 2019. OSIPI has no predefined end date and is designed to evolve as the need for coordinated perfusion software development changes.

OSIPI founding board: Laura Bell, Patricia Clement, Charlotte Debus, Andrey Fedorov, Simon Levy, Steven Sourbron, and Frank Zoellner.

Who is leading OSIPI?

OSIPI is led by a management team of 4 members nominated by the ISMRM perfusion study group (past chair, chair, co-chair, secretary). Each is appointed for 1 year with a rotation on the annual meeting of the ISMRM, when a new secretary is nominated by the study group and the past chair rotates off. The current management team consists of:


Henk Mutsaerts
Amsterdam UMC, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Yuriko Suzuki
Wellcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging, FMRIB, University of Oxford, UK


Petra van Houdt
the Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, NL


Laura Bell
Genentech Inc, South San Francisco, CA, USA

The work in OSIPI is planned around 6 specific aims that include the building of a software inventory, a library of code snippets, a data inventory, reporting guidelines, education and exchange and benchmarking. The aims are delivered by one or more Task Forces, each of which is led by a (senior) task force co-lead and a (junior) co-lead appointed for a period of 2 years.

How can I join OSIPI?

The ongoing workplan is summarised in the OSIPI roadmap.

We are always looking for help! If you want to contribute to a particular task force, then please get in touch with the appropriate task force lead directly. The names and contact details are on the task force pages listed here.

If you want to contribute but are unsure where, or your ideas are outside the remit of any given task force, then please contact a member of the OSIPI management team.

This website is hosted on github. Feel free to contribute - instructions are provided here if you are not familiar with Github.

How is OSIPI managed?

The task force leads together with the management team form the Executive and Management Board (EMB). The EMB defines the Roadmap with detailed deliverables and milestones for each of the task forces, and monitors their implementation. The EMB reports back to the ISMRM perfusion study group ahead of each study group meeting at the ISMRM.

The mission and overall Strategic Plan of OSIPI is revised and updated on an annual basis by the Strategy Board, which also nominates the task force leads. The Strategy Board consists of the OSIPI management team, the governance committee of the perfusion study group, and representatives of other societies with a stake in perfusion stoftware development.

For more details on the way OSIPI is organised, please refer to the governance document.